Things You Should Tell Yourself Before Going To Bed


You might find several nights where you are unable to fall asleep because your mind is flooded with worrying thoughts that only encourage negative physical responses such as anxiety and stress. To reach a state of calm before bed, get in the habit of practicing certain mantras before falling asleep.

“I’m thankful for……..”

Practicing gratitude in your everyday life is beneficial in many ways. Being continuously thankful will leave you feeling a sense of happiness that is followed by more positive thoughts, strength in your relationships and a more efficient immune system. Bedtime provides a great opportunity for you to look upon all that you are grateful for to create a shift away from any negative thoughts.

“Let it be.”

You can suffer a great deal by holding on to any negative issues such as conflict or personal grudges. This is especially true at bedtime if you are unable to release nagging matters or unresolved problems. Tell yourself to use the hours of sleep to clear any sort of anxiousness related to significant troubles. This restful time can be used as a personal safeguard to approach pending issues calmly and rationally in the morning.

“I am strong.”

Focusing on everything that is wrong about yourself seems to be human nature. However, you can easily alter this belief by honing in on your greatest strengths and abilities before going to bed each night. Place all of your energy and attention into practicing self-acceptance. View bedtime as a step closer to a new beginning that each morning presents.

“How can I make this better?”

How to improve upon any sort of process or practice is a quandary that you will face throughout life. Go ahead and ask yourself to come up with a solution to something that you might be struggling with before going to bed. Often times the process of dreaming can subconsciously produce an answer that you might not have come up with while awake.

“I will find calm.”

This mantra speaks volumes and should be repeated while falling into a deep restful sleep. You might deviate from your path and start to stir up worrisome or negative thoughts. Just remember to refocus and repeat this mantra until you have reached peaceful rest.

Distressing thoughts permeate the brain to continuously linger throughout the night causing a sense of restlessness. Unresolved or negative issues hinder your sleep rhythm and you never quite reach your recommended hours of restful sleep. Be mindful of the listed mantras to move away from negativity and fall asleep soundly.

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