Best Trails For Hiking In Salt Lake City


Hiking on weekends is a great way to unplug yourself from the bells and whistles of modern life. If you live in Salt Lake City, you have more than ten hiking trails to escape to. All of these are short and not too steep. Each one comes with a sweet surprise of its own: a cave, a lake, or a spring.


Hiking Trails from Little Cottonwood Canyon

Salt City City has three main canyons: Little Cottonwood Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, and the American Fork. Hundreds of trails lead up from each of these canyons. From the Little Cottonwood, two trails lead up to the Bell Canyon, a circular structure carved by a glacier thousands of years ago. Beginners and children can easily hike to Bell Canyon’s lower reserve whereas the higher reservoir and its set of waterfalls command a full-day of hike, suitable only for more seasoned hikers.


Trails from American Fork Canyon

If you are starting at the American Fork Canyon hiking to Cascade Springs is your best bet.  It is half a mile’s interpretive trail and leads up to shallow waterfalls and springs with beautiful waters inhabited by fish.  The springs are beautiful and the main highlight of the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway. The trail is open only between May and October.

Hiking for 3 miles in the Timpanooke trail whose head is 7 miles up the Fork Canyon will lead you to the beautiful Scout Falls. If you looking for the shortest trail with the best payoff, take the Timpanoogos Cave trail. It is only 1.5 miles long and ends at three beautiful caves with a one-hour guided tour that can arranged by calling 801-756-5283.


Trails from Big Cottonwood Canyon

Donut Falls, named because of a donut-shaped rock through which the Big Cottonwood Creek flows, is the most marvelous of the trails possible from the Big Cottonwood. The falls are nine miles from the canyon but the hike is only 2.5 miles if you take the Mill D trailhead and 1.5 miles if you follow the Donut Falls trail. There is a secret cave behind the falls.

Salt Lake City has an abundance of beautiful hiking trails, but most residents go years without discovering hiking; don’t wait another weekend to get a look at these great Utah hiking trails, get out and hike today!



Why Salt Lake City Residents Should Test Their Indoor Air Quality


Sal Lake City is a beautiful place to live; the nearby mountains, the good communities, the small-town feeling in a big city… The area does come with one problem however. Smog  tends to accumulate rather quickly in the valley that encompasses the Greater Salt Lake City area. It is a problem in many big cities in the southwest that are in large valleys like Phoenix, Arizona. All of that smog and pollution tends to hover over the buildings in the city, but that is just the “tip of the iceberg” that you can see. The truth of the matter is that the same pollutants making up those brownish-grey clouds is also at street level and seeps into homes.

99188400Yes, if you are a resident of Salt Lake, your home is likely pulling in contaminates from the outside air and running them through your HVAC system. In many cases, it is not enough to simply have an air filter and to change it regularly; in some cases, Salt Lake homeowners should get an indoor air quality check from a trusted Salt Lake City HVAC Company.

When your HVAC contractor performs an IAQ check, they are using special equipment that samples the air in your home, and produces a list of all of the contaminates in your home. While most of these contaminates are allergens, dust, dander and relatively harmless, you can be quite surprised at the dangerous elements that are often discovered. Harmful contaminates may include:

  • Viruses
  • Harmful Materials (Asbestos)
  • Carcinogens (Cancer Causing Agents)
  • Drug Vapors

There have been numerous cases of Salt Lake area homes that were previously used in the manufacturing of dangerous drugs such as methamphetamine. When this drug is manufactured in an enclosed space, it seeps into the walls and can stay there for years or decades! New homeowners are especially in need of IAQ testing for this reason.

Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Once an indoor air quality test has been performed, your HVAC professional can eradicate any of the contaminates found to be in the air, and install professional grade equipment to keep the contaminates filtered out so that they do not return. This service is not only recommended for Salt Lake residents, but for residents of any big city that can have problems with pollution. A IAQ check is simple, affordable, fast, and can prevent many negative health effects such as asthma and allergies.

Get Your Salt Lake City Indoor Air Quality Check Today!

Salt Lake indoor air quality service

Salt Lake City: America’s Wonderland

4In the past, Utah housed many Native Americans.The Ute Tribe, the Pueblo People, and the Navajo thrived in the region.On July 24, 1847, Salt Lake City established by Mormon pioneers.Being Mormon settlers, Birgham Young and his pioneer crew were the first non-Indians to dwell in Salt Lake Valley.Fleeing persecution, the group of pioneers found Salt Lake Valley enjoyable.Drawing reference from the salty, westward lake, the Mormons drew plans for Great Salt Lake City.

Shortly after, more settlers arrived in 1848.Most of the pioneers that arrived were Mormons that had converted after leaving Europe.In the following decade, different cultures and languages culminated in Salt Lake City.Goods were often traded at Salt Lake with prospectors that were traveling through the area.Prospectors desired the crops and livestock from Salt Lake in return for their goods that they brought with them from the east.

Previously, Salt Lake City was in Mexican territory.After a treaty was signed in the year 1848, it became a part of the United States of America.Salt Lake City became the state capital of Utah on January 4, 1896 when Grover Cleveland and the church came to an agreement, and polygamy was banned. Take a look at Turiya’s Gifts now!

Soldiers were stationed in Utah during the Civil War, creating trade opportunities with the Mormon people.The early 1900s brought many historic buildings such as the State Capitol.For transportation, electric trolleys were used to ride from place to place.Paved roads, street lamps, and parks were commonplace as the town expanded.

In the thirty years following 1900, they population would continue to grow almost three hundred percent!World War II brought large amounts of building construction after the stagnation caused by The Great Depression.Military buildings and industries jump-started the stagnant economy.Both soldiers and citizens alike spent their money at various stores, clubs, and restaurants during war time.Convention centers and parks were erected in the 1980s as Salt Lake City continued to grow. Follow the link to find out how auralite 23 crystal pendants can make a great gift.

Utah is still going strong with a great economy and high employment growth.Software, technology, and bio-medical firms are commonplace in the Salt Lake City area.The hotel industry is booming as a result of the Olympic Winter Games and the success of the area’s many convention centers.Hotels got ready for the Olympic Games by adding in around two thousand rooms to accommodate travelers.Even convention centers were modified to house more participants.Salt Lake City residents now enjoy the re-worked I-15 freeway and several million dollar light-rail system while using public transportation to reach their downtown destinations.After the Olympic Winter Games, Salt Lake City has been opening its doors for more and more events that help its economy and citizens flourish. Learn more about Energy healing techniques here.

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