What You Need In A Car Emergency Kit


When driving, you should always be prepared for roadside emergencies. Keep a well stocked car emergency kit to be ready for those unexpected events. Be prepared for a flat tire, a dead battery and being stranded along the road in the cold of winter or the heat of summer.

The best stocked car emergency kit will have all of these elements included in it.
1. Extra fuses for lights and other electronic components which may blow a fuse and stop working.
2. Blanket just in case it’s cold and the car won’t start allowing you to turn on the heat.
3. Flashlight with fresh batteries so you can see what you’re doing in the dark.
4. Tools to us for making repairs like a set of screwdrivers, vise grips, pliers and an adjustable wrench.
5. Roadside flares to alert other drivers to your location along the side of the road.
6. First-aid kit to attend to wounds you may have suffered while fixing your car.
7. Gloves to protect your hands as you do the necessary work on your car.
8.  At least two quarts of oil
9. Jumper cables for a battery charge.
10. One gallon of antifreeze
11. Brake fluid
12. Tire inflator
13. Tire pressure gauge
14. Rags and a funnel for pouring fluids in the proper places.
15. Quick fix tools including a duct tape and paper towels.
17. Washer fluid in a spray bottle
18. Ice scraper to clear your windshields in the cold.
19. AAA or roadside emergency card
20. Triangle reflectors and flares to make your car more visible to passersby.
21.   Pocketknife for cutting.
22. Bottled water to rehydrate.
23. Granola or energy bars to eat if you’re stranded a long time and can’t get to a food stop.

Keep everything in one easy to access location, like in a small plastic tub placed securely in your trunk.  Some optional things you could add to your kit include a good book in your favorite genre or fully charged Kindle, a pillow, a beach chair and a tasty treat.

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