Tips For Choosing The Best Hiking Boots


Hiking is a popular activity that allows one to enjoy outdoors scenery alone or with others. However, one must wear the right hiking footwear to avoid developing painful blisters. With that in mind, here are tips for choosing the best hiking boots:

Quality of Hiking Boots

Hiking terrain varies widely from dusty to snowy or muddy. With this in mind, go for quality boots that can withstand walking over uneven surface without developing serious wear and tear. In addition, they should not leak in water when crossing streams or walking on wet ground. However, they should allow in fresh air to prevent bad odors developing if you have sweaty feet.

Type of Hiking Boots

Choose hiking boots that will allow you to move over hiking terrain with ease. Sturdy hiking boots that reach well above the ankles are the right choice if you are planning to tackle a steep or muddy trail. They should also be waterproof. Such boots will give your feet and ankles much needed support as well as keep them dry. A pair of boots with stiff soles will also come in handy when climbing a mountain.

Fit of Hiking Boots

It is advisable to try on the pair of boots you are eyeing to ensure they fit well. The rule of thumb is to try these boots wearing the pair of socks you plan to wear while hiking. You should also do so towards the end of the day when the feet tend to have swollen a bit. The right pair of boots should feel comfortable and leave space for the toes to wiggle. If you can, walk down an incline wearing them. Your feet should not slide forward. If they do, you are likely wearing boots that are too wide.

Load Support of Hiking Boots

If you will be carrying a heavy backpack, choose boots that can support such weight. It is worth noting that this does not necessarily mean that the boots must be heavy. Manufacturers use light but sturdy materials that can last years.

In summary, the key factors to consider when choosing hiking boots include load support, fit, type, and quality. Equally important, you should take one or two short hikes to break in a new pair of hiking boots.

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