Best Equestrian Campgrounds In Arizona


Some of the best equestrian campgrounds in Arizona include Groom Creek, Strayhorse and Little Elden Springs. With many square miles of desert and mountain terrain, horseback riding is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the state. Campgrounds catering to horseback riders are located in several different counties and are therefore a relatively easy driving distance from various cities throughout the state. Some horse camps are primarily for equestrian who already own their own horses, and some others offer riding lessons or rentals as well. Campgrounds mostly have individual sites to rent, though a few have large group campsites as well.

Strayhorse Campground

Located in the White Mountains of central Arizona, the Strayhorse Campground has two major horse trails going east to west. The campground also has a corral available for horses and easy access for vehicles towing large horse trailers. Strayhorse is located at a higher mountain elevation and provides some cooler summer temperatures away from the desert heat. Campsites include space for trailers as well as trucks or RVs for overnight equestrian getaways.

Groom Creek Campground

Groom Creek is a horse campground located near the town of Prescott, and the US Forest Service recently had the facility renovated to accommodate larger numbers of campers and their horses. Reservations in advance are required for spaces at this equestrian campground. This campground’s location offers plenty of shade from the nearby pine forest, making it a welcome escape from the much hotter desert during the summer.

Little Elden Springs Campground

The Little Elden Springs campground is only a short distance outside Flagstaff, in northern Arizona. It’s designated only for horse owners, and it has 15 campsites big enough to fit horse trailers as well as larger pickup trucks. Each campsite has all the needed accommodations for horses, including corrals and water stations. Little Elden Springs has trail access to the Mount Elden trail system, which is made up of over 30 miles of trails. A favorite among horseback riders is the Deer Hill Trail, which offers great views of the nearby San Francisco mountains. Campers are also advised to make reservations in advance at Little Elden Springs, since the campsites fill up quickly during the spring and summer months.

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