How To Make Yogurt Cheese


Delicious and wholesome go well together more often than many people realize. One tasty example of this is yogurt cheese. Because this smooth and luscious spread is not exactly cheese, the name is something of a misnomer. It is actually yogurt that has been gradually thickened to a rich, creamy consistency that resembles cream cheese and cheese spreads. The end result may be enjoyed with bagels, sandwiches and as a dip. It is also surprisingly easy to make.

1-Ingredient Recipe for Delicious Cheese

GettyImages_183938134Ingredients are limited to the yogurt and any flavorings that are desired. As long as the yogurt has no fruit, any flavor will work. The basic recipe only calls for a 32 oz. container of plain yogurt, a bowl, a colander and cheesecloth. This is the best place to start with a first attempt.

Begin by placing the colander in the bowl. Next, use the cheesecloth to line the colander. Up to 8 layers will do. With the cheesecloth prepared, spoon the yogurt into the colander. Depending on the amount of yogurt cheese desired and the size of the bowl and colander, half of the container is also a good batch size. Once the desired amount is scooped into the colander, place it and the bowl in the refrigerator for approximately 6 to 12 hours.

In general, expect to have about a third cup of yogurt cheese for each cup of yogurt used. The final yield will also depend on how long the batch is drained. The longer the yogurt drains, the thicker the yogurt cheese will be. Longer draining times will result in a little less of the spread, but some might prefer the taste and consistency. The whey can discarded or kept as an ingredient in other cooking adventures. Look for recipes in which sweet whey can replace milk or water.

Storing Your Yogurt Cheese

The yogurt cheese should be refrigerated in a lidded container, and it will last just about a week. When experimenting with additional ingredients, be sure to gently fold them into the yogurt cheese to avoid breaking it down. Most importantly, enjoy the delicious results.


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