Texas Heat Wave: A/C Checks


Let’s be honest, it is getting pretty hot in Texas this summer.

How is anyone to escape this heat?

An air conditioning unit WILL FAIL at the most inopportune moment in your life; so service and maintenance of a unit is crucial, in-order to avoid an emergency service call. Follow these tips to prolong the life of your unit:

  • Never wash the cooling coils with unfiltered water. Many homeowners will spray their A/C units with a hose to wash the coils — this is not recommended, as this can damage the coils with both the water-pressure and the particulates inherent-in the water.
  • Never set objects or trash near your A/C. These will constrict the airflow into the intake of your unit, and cause the motor to work much harder. This will effect the lifespan of the entire unit.
  • Always set a schedule to vacuum-out ducts and vents for the home-wide A/C system, once every three months.

*Whenever you notice that your A/C system is lagging, or not performing properly, call a service technician immediately… it will only get progressively-worse.

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