Positive Thinking and Achieving Goals


We all here from many people and many sources that the power of positive thinking can help us achieve all our dreams.  From people like Dr. Norman Vincent Peale to Oprah Winfrey, we are encouraged to think positive. Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” New York University psychologist Gabrielle Oettingen might find this closer to the mark. But as she explains in her book, “Researching Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation”, rather than positive thinking being the key to reaching our dreams and goals it may be exactly the opposite.

Mounting evidence indicates that spending a great deal of time thinking about your dreams actually makes you less likely to start putting in the work needed to achieve them.  Oettingen has distilled the results of her years of research into a four-step plan that goal-oriented people may use in place of positive thinking alone.  The plan’s whimsical acronym spells WOOP. Those of us who truly plan to achieve our dreams need to WOOP it up.


What is your wish? What do you really want? The first step is defining your goal. It can be what you want to accomplish tomorrow or your goal for the year. It just needs to be something you truly wish to accomplish; something real.


With your desired goal firmly in mind, ask yourself the following question: If I fulfill this wish, what is the best possible outcome? In this second step, positive thinking is allowed and is helpful. This is the time to allow yourself to become immersed in the daydream.  Let yourself dream about the best possible outcomes.


Many people tend to stop naturally at step two. They get bogged down in the positive dreaming. After you fantasize a while, you need to be sure to bring your mind back down to the ground and to reality. Now you ask yourself this question: “What is it that holds me back from achieving/experiencing my wish/outcome?” Imagine that obstacle. You have to understand what stands in the way of achieving your dream before you can overcome it.


When you know what you wish for, the outcome towards which you are moving and the potential obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your goals/dream, you have the knowledge you need to make a plan for obtaining your goal. Planning will enable you to execute the work needed to obtain your dream.

“If you dream it, you can do it” is true if you know exactly what your dream is, what outcome you want, the obstacles you must overcome to achieve it, and can make then execute a plan to work toward your goal.  When you successfully WOOP, it is okay to add a little positive thinking as well.

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Things You Should Tell Yourself Before Going To Bed


You might find several nights where you are unable to fall asleep because your mind is flooded with worrying thoughts that only encourage negative physical responses such as anxiety and stress. To reach a state of calm before bed, get in the habit of practicing certain mantras before falling asleep.

“I’m thankful for……..”

Practicing gratitude in your everyday life is beneficial in many ways. Being continuously thankful will leave you feeling a sense of happiness that is followed by more positive thoughts, strength in your relationships and a more efficient immune system. Bedtime provides a great opportunity for you to look upon all that you are grateful for to create a shift away from any negative thoughts.

“Let it be.”

You can suffer a great deal by holding on to any negative issues such as conflict or personal grudges. This is especially true at bedtime if you are unable to release nagging matters or unresolved problems. Tell yourself to use the hours of sleep to clear any sort of anxiousness related to significant troubles. This restful time can be used as a personal safeguard to approach pending issues calmly and rationally in the morning.

“I am strong.”

Focusing on everything that is wrong about yourself seems to be human nature. However, you can easily alter this belief by honing in on your greatest strengths and abilities before going to bed each night. Place all of your energy and attention into practicing self-acceptance. View bedtime as a step closer to a new beginning that each morning presents.

“How can I make this better?”

How to improve upon any sort of process or practice is a quandary that you will face throughout life. Go ahead and ask yourself to come up with a solution to something that you might be struggling with before going to bed. Often times the process of dreaming can subconsciously produce an answer that you might not have come up with while awake.

“I will find calm.”

This mantra speaks volumes and should be repeated while falling into a deep restful sleep. You might deviate from your path and start to stir up worrisome or negative thoughts. Just remember to refocus and repeat this mantra until you have reached peaceful rest.

Distressing thoughts permeate the brain to continuously linger throughout the night causing a sense of restlessness. Unresolved or negative issues hinder your sleep rhythm and you never quite reach your recommended hours of restful sleep. Be mindful of the listed mantras to move away from negativity and fall asleep soundly.

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Why Salt Lake City Residents Should Test Their Indoor Air Quality


Sal Lake City is a beautiful place to live; the nearby mountains, the good communities, the small-town feeling in a big city… The area does come with one problem however. Smog  tends to accumulate rather quickly in the valley that encompasses the Greater Salt Lake City area. It is a problem in many big cities in the southwest that are in large valleys like Phoenix, Arizona. All of that smog and pollution tends to hover over the buildings in the city, but that is just the “tip of the iceberg” that you can see. The truth of the matter is that the same pollutants making up those brownish-grey clouds is also at street level and seeps into homes.

99188400Yes, if you are a resident of Salt Lake, your home is likely pulling in contaminates from the outside air and running them through your HVAC system. In many cases, it is not enough to simply have an air filter and to change it regularly; in some cases, Salt Lake homeowners should get an indoor air quality check from a trusted Salt Lake City HVAC Company.

When your HVAC contractor performs an IAQ check, they are using special equipment that samples the air in your home, and produces a list of all of the contaminates in your home. While most of these contaminates are allergens, dust, dander and relatively harmless, you can be quite surprised at the dangerous elements that are often discovered. Harmful contaminates may include:

  • Viruses
  • Harmful Materials (Asbestos)
  • Carcinogens (Cancer Causing Agents)
  • Drug Vapors

There have been numerous cases of Salt Lake area homes that were previously used in the manufacturing of dangerous drugs such as methamphetamine. When this drug is manufactured in an enclosed space, it seeps into the walls and can stay there for years or decades! New homeowners are especially in need of IAQ testing for this reason.

Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Once an indoor air quality test has been performed, your HVAC professional can eradicate any of the contaminates found to be in the air, and install professional grade equipment to keep the contaminates filtered out so that they do not return. This service is not only recommended for Salt Lake residents, but for residents of any big city that can have problems with pollution. A IAQ check is simple, affordable, fast, and can prevent many negative health effects such as asthma and allergies.

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Salt Lake indoor air quality service

Learn How A Chiropractor Can Change Your Life

450866733Is chiropractic care something about which you have always had an interest? If so, it is important for you to gain a fair amount of knowledge before embarking on any quest for treatment. Luckily, the information discussed below is specifically designed to give you the tips and guidance you need to move forward confidently.

Seeing a chiropractor can help your immune system. When your spine is out of alignment, it adversely impacts your nervous system and your immune system. When a chiropractor does a spinal alignment, the blood volume increases in your nervous system. This blood will help you battle infections.

Be sure to arise properly in the morning. Start your ascent with a nice stretch and then slowly rise out of the bed. Put your legs on the floor and use your arms to support yourself. When this is how you try to get out of your bed, you won’t have too many problems with spinal injuries.

If your child complains of having a backache, be sure to take it seriously. Backaches are not common among children and could be a symptom of something serious. See your doctor right away to be sure your child is not suffering from a misaligned vertebra or scoliosis. Your doctor may give a referral to a chiropractor.

Remember that not all chiropractors are the same. Try to find one that sticks largely to conservative treatments focused largely on back pain, but also on other primary problem areas for musculoskeletal issues. Your primary care physician is able to provide you with trusted names and references for you to start your search.

If you have long been curious about whether chiropractic care may be the answer to your lingering health and pain management concerns, you certainly came to the right place. Armed with your new wealth of knowledge on the subject, you ought to feel prepared to start seeking treatment soon. Best wishes as you proceed.

Drug Rehabilitation And Treatment Options

residential treatment centers in texas

It is very important that suitable treatment is sought for patients and victims of drug addiction and substance abuse. There are many families across the USA have serious problems relating to addiction and substance abuse by a member. It could be a parent, a child, relative or even a spouse or partner. The consequences could be serious and hence the need to take immediate action. Intervention is always advisable as it may have very positive results not just for the affected individual but their family and the entire community at large.

The first step in seeking assistance is to contact a medic who specializes in addiction issues and problems of substance abuse. Such a professional has the capacity to diagnose the patient and chart a suitable treatment program. This program may involve some therapy, medication, detoxification and so on. At the Texas drug rehab facility, there are therapy programs such as those at the recovery aftercare equine working ranch. This is a great facility that provides suitable care and therapy for recovering former addicts.

Such a facility provides excellent therapy and allows the individuals to recover fully so as to be able to go back home and go back to their work. A lot of doctors can attest to the benefits of such therapy to drug addict and substance abuse victims. There are now insurance companies interested in providing cover to individuals for this kind of treatment. Insurance cover may now extend to drug therapy and rehabilitation. The state of Texas offers the Texas drug treatment insurance cover. This kind of cover will cover all treatments and costs associated with treatment and rehabilitation of victims.

Also of importance is the TX equine therapy treatment program. This program is also covered under insurance such that those interested in receiving cover for this treatment can do so. Families with loved ones suffering drug problems need not suffer in silence. The problem only gets worse without treatment. It is always important to search for suitable treatment options by consulting health care experts and then following up with the advice and treatment programs they design. It may include drug rehab with horses among others.

texas drug rehab ranch