Tour the Beautiful Monument Valley

529253159The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is an expansive and majestic valley in Arizona and Utah, situated inside the Navajo Nation. The naturally formed sandstone towers stand 400 to 1,000 feet tall. The valley is an impressive 91,696 acres and extends into Utah. This historic location is often featured in print and film, including postcards and advertisements.


This valley was originally a basin, but over a process of millions of years, sediment formed and was pushed up from pressure below. This sediment formed a plateau, and over the next 50 million years, water and wind eroded the land. What remains are the majestic towers, including the Mitten Buttes and the Merrick Butte. The Monument Valley has been a popular shooting location for films, particularly old Westerns, such as those for which John Wayne became famous.

Tourist Activities

Off US 163 and north of Kayenta is a visitor center where you can book tours, eat in the Navajo restaurant, and peruse the gift shop. Navajo residents who work as tour operators lead Jeep tours inside the park. If you would rather drive yourself, you can follow the 17-mile road that takes between 30 minutes and one hour to traverse. There are also hiking tours, which can be up to several days in length, many of which also incorporate horseback riding. One mile from the visitor center are local vendors who sell arts and crafts, souvenirs, and Navajo food.

Lodging and Accommodations

Camping is available inside the park at the Mitten View Campground. Visitors can also stay in the View Hotel, which has a great view of the Mitten Buttes. In order to ensure lodging, you’ll want to book your room in advance. Options outside the park include hotels and camping in Page, which is three hours away, and Kayenta, one hour away.

How to Get There

Monument Valley is near the southeast corner of Utah, along the Utah/Arizona border. Find the entrance slightly east of Highway 163. There is a five-dollar fee to use the park, and specific tourist activities are dependent upon the time of year.

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Best Family Cities In Colorado


When people move to the Centennial State, some strive to find the best family cities in Colorado. The following locales are desirable places for families to live because they offer affordable housing, prosperous economies and top-notch schools:

Erie, Colorado

1. The town of Erie offers a historic business district with new sidewalks and numerous popular shops. Many residents earn substantial incomes. They can enjoy a local balloon festival and fair every year.

Fruita, Colorado

2. Fruita is a city that features lower housing expenses than most other urban areas in Colorado. It plans to create additional parks in the near future. Numerous people visit it for outdoor recreation.

Superior, Colorado

3. A town called Superior is located in Boulder Valley. It has a sunny climate and some of the best primary schools in the state. The local government intends to add a spacious new park soon.

Lone Tree, Colorado

4. Lone Tree is known for its great schools, thriving economy and medical facilities. The health care industry provides plenty of high-paying jobs, and many locals appreciate the ability to reach nearby Denver via train.

Lafayette, Colorado

5. Lafayette has a relatively walkable downtown district, interesting local shops and an excellent school system. It is also comparatively inexpensive to buy a home in this family-friendly city near the state capital.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

6. Steamboat Springs is a popular skiing destination with a top-notch school system. Many advanced courses are available to students. Locals also benefit from tourism-related employment and tax revenue.

Parker, Colorado

7. Parker features a recently constructed library, comparatively low real estate prices and convenient access to hiking areas. This town occasionally hosts major sporting events. Students receive above-average scores on tests and local family incomes are high.

Louisville, Colorado

8. The city of Louisville also reports higher test scores than the average district in Colorado. It is known for high-tech firms, including a spacecraft manufacturer. Locals benefit from easy access to major highways and the state’s largest city.

Most of these locales are near Denver. They have become the best family cities in Colorado by prioritizing their public infrastructure, recreational facilities and education services. To keep learning more about life in this region, please follow American Southwest Magazine.