Music School in Boulder, CO Teaches Kids to Rock

keyboard lessons in Boulder

Musical talent is a one-in-a-million trait that can bless any child in any part of the world. Nurturing that talent takes a one-in-a-million school that is just as unique as the talented children it teaches.

School of Rock

3280 28th St Boulder, CO 80301‎
(303) 532-1201


Destination: The Amalfi Coast, Italy

We recently stumbled across this article about the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and loved it! Check it out for yourself here:

International Bellhop Travel Magazine

Amalfi Coast Vacation

You might ask us how we choose our featured destinations for our articles in International Bellhop, the answer is a simple one: We publish the places that are intriguing to us. We are always on the search for destinations that are not only unique, but offer a glimpse into a lifestyle that is somewhat alien to our own. With The Amalfi Coast, we are sure that we have found a unique place that will intrigue our readers as much as it has intrigued us.

Positano, Italy

Your best jumping-off point for a vacation to the Amalfi Coast is the ancient city of Positano. Situated in a small alcove in Campania, Italy, Positano has been a major trading port since the medievaltimes. Rising to its most bustling economic prosperity in the 16th and 17th centuries, the following centuries saw mass emigration, and the economy of the port started to decline. In the 20th…

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Los Angeles Math Help For Kids

math learning center

Any kid can be a superstar in math, it just takes practice and an understanding of the basic mathematical concepts. From these basics, students can build a greater understanding of advanced math concepts.

Mathnasium is a trusted educational learning center that offers the best math help for kids. Mathnasium math tutors instill confidence and knowledge in all of their students, and on-average, our students achieve higher grades in mathematics and all other subjects.

Study With The Best:

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Vacationing in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains

San Juan Mountains

San Juan Mountains

You could be forgiven for half-expecting a dolphin to playfully jump out of the water and do a flip. The intense, electric blue of Ice Lake would seem out of place against the patches of snow and the alpine meadows if it weren’t so starkly beautiful. Tucked away in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains near the town of Silverton, Ice Lake is one of four incandescently-colored lakes in the Upper Ice Lake Basin — the other three being Island, Clear, and fuller lakes finishing out the list.

Perfect for a day trip, Ice Lake and its nearby sister lake, Island Lake, are just outside of Silverton and can be reached from the gravel parking area across from South Mineral Campground and is where you can park and begin your trek. The lakes are accessed via a remarkably scenic four-mile hike with an elevation climb of around three-thousand feet. The trails are well defined and easily done by most hikers. Winding through alpine meadows, conifer forests, waterfalls and creeks, the hike itself is a lot of fun, so make sure to bring a camera as you’ll want to capture the scenery on the way up to the lake!

If you’re not the type of person for whom a landscape can hold endless captivation, bring along a fishing pole and some bait and tackle; the lakes are full of cutthroat trout. During the warmer months, you can travel light and leave the ice auger at home for a carefree day of fishing in a serene location.

Since you’ve undoubtedly brought your hiking boots, you might as well climb up one of the surrounding 14,000+ foot peaks that surround the lakes. Fuller, Vermillion, V2 – all can be had from Ice Lake, and the surrounding lakes. Trails do go up to the summits of many of the surrounding mountains, and since you’re above the timberline, the views are unimpeded.

How to Find A Good Contractor in Your Area

how do i find a good contractor

Finding a trusted, experienced, and licensed contractor can be as difficult as finding a family doctor. You need to find out about your contractors licenses that he/she holds, you need to also take references, and it would be a good idea to see photos of past projects or some sort of portfolio of past work that has been performed. Above all, finding out licensing is the most important part of the search for a contractor, as a fully-licensed contractor protects both you, the contractor, and any workers that are working on the site of the project.

how to find a contractor in my area

Depending on what area you live in, there will be a number of different licenses that your contractor may hold. State-by-State, requirements vary, so it is imperative that you educate yourself on laws and regulations in your state and region first, then — based off of those findings — start the contractor selection process.

Some states and companies make it much easier to expedite your contractor search. Roofers Supply — home office in Salt Lake City, Utah, and five locations around the State of Utah — makes the entire process easy by offering a contractor referral program in all of its locations and through their website. A quality roofing supply company, Roofers Supply is constantly networking and review local contractors so that quality contractor referrals are always on-hand. Hand-picked by staff with decades of experience in both residential and commercial construction, you can rest-assured that the background and efficiency of these professionals have been checked and cleared to work on your next project.

To take advantage of roofing contractor, residential contractor, or commercial construction contractors, visit Roofers Utah:

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